The Sportler App is the easiest way to schedule sports activities with your friends. Unlike other general scheduling services, Sportler is focused specifically on helping athletes get out and play!


  1. Save time creating new sporting events in three taps. For most events, just set your date and time and send
  2. Fill your group. Sportler manages confirmations and if a player drops out, Sportler reopens the event to fill the spot.
  3. Custom notifications. You decide how to be notified (push notifications or email) and how often you are notified (only when you're invited, or also as players confim).
  4. Remember who you played with. Review past events and who you played.

If you have any feedback on how the Sportler service works or could be improved, we would love to hear from you! Please email us!

Team Sportler


The easiest way to schedule sports activities. Get out and play!